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Time dilated

Posted in Hiatus by Index Guy on August 31, 2007

What does it take for Tuesday to come NOW!? Sorry, I am just eager for classes to start. I am going to try to summarize the three wonderful classes I am taking this coming semester: Relativity (W. Siegel), Quantum Field Theory (G. Sterman) and most importantly Group Theory (van Nieuwenhuizen). Pretty sure I won’t have time to write down any of these summaries, but if I do it can be a nice way to recapitulate the important points from every lecture.

I still cannot believe that the field theory course was moved to early in the morning.


Almost back

Posted in Hiatus by Index Guy on August 8, 2007

After a few weeks of leisure and recreation, I find myself back at the office and ready to finish that post on 11-dimensional speculations. Hopefully by the end of next week that post will be finished. Maybe that will be the last post in a while before classes start and I start to think again snapped out of this lethargic thing we call vacation.