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Summer readings

Posted in Hiatus by Index Guy on April 1, 2008

I have been thinking what to read during the coming summer 2008 “break”. Here are some items:

  • Aspects of Symmetry by Sydey Coleman
  • 50 years of Yang-Mills theory by a lot of very smart people…
  • Gauge fields and strings by A. Polyakov
  • hep-th/9603086Magnetic monopoles, duality and supersymmetry by J. A. Harvey
  • Gauge fields, knots and gravity by John Baez
  • A review on AdS/CFT perhaps?

Most of these do not share a common theme. Knowing last summer’s experience I will probably jump from topic to topic and get very little out of each. So instead I plan to just pick one of these (whichever seems more pertinent at the moment) and go through most of the material. I guess the lecture notes on monopoles and the knot theory book are just for fun, since I have been learning about this topics lately and am hungry for more. Alas, it might not be so important for my research. I should also learn renormalization at some point, maybe from Peskin and Schroeder. Unless the QFT course really picks up on this last month of classes…

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