Index Concordia



Below you can find some of my notes from professor Siegel’s class on relativity during the fall of 2007. These are really more like a log of what we covered, since the lectures were very loyal to Siegel’s text on stuff, Fields, also found on the arXiv. Next to each topic it is included the section number on the book.

  • Week 01 – Symmetry principles (IA1), special relativity (IA4)
  • Week 02 – Conformal group (IA6), coordinate tensors (IC2), determinants (IB3)
  • Week 03 – 2-spinor notation, Weyl, Dirac and Majorana spinors, chirality/duality (IIA)
  • Week 04 – Action principles , conservation laws, example of theories (IIIA1, IIIA4, IIIB)
  • Week 05 – Yang-Mills theory(IIIC1), gauges (IIIC2-4, VIB1)
  • Week 06 – Dilaton cosmology, general coordinate invariance, covariant derivatives
  • Week 07 – Conditions on torsion and the metric tensor, actions for gravity
  • Week 08 – Energy-momentum tensor
  • Week 09 – Weyl scale invariance, Lorenz gauge
  • Week 10 – Geodesics, axial gauges
  • Week 11 – Light cone gauge, radial gauge, Weyl scale gauges; Solutions to Einstein’s equations: self-dual (waves), de Sitter spaces
  • Week 12 – More solutions: cosmological and Schwarzschild
  • Week 13 –
  • Week 14 –
  • Week 15 –

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